Robert Abate Music

Welcome to Robert Abate Music your convenient website for custom musical arrangements, commissioned original composition, song writing, stereo panned audio files for recording or performance, guitar or music theory lessons and Robert Abate performance/booking information.

Composer / Arranger

Original composition for any situation from the blues to musical theatre. Custom arrangements for any size ensemble or style.


Robert has performed, in various venues and ensembles, for well over 50 years.


Robert has a rich history of production ranging from recording to children’s Christmas shows to major works in national halls.


Instruction available to all ages in guitar, music theory, composition and arranging.

The Twenty-Third Job

The Leader is my shepherd, I shall not starve He maketh me sit down in powder blue tuxedos He leadeth me beside shrill vocalists He restoreth my wallet He leadeth me in dance halls of gratuitousness For his names sake Yea, though I walk through the kitchen or the back...

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Dominant Chords An Augmented 4th Apart In The Root

The most powerful and most used progression in music is dropping a 5th in the root.  Anyone has merely to play a Dominant chord of a key followed by the 1st chord or Tonic of that key to understand why the monks of Europe in the Dark Ages named the 5th chord of a key...

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Chemical Reaction

Chemical Reaction, I’m feeling kind of hot Chemical Reaction, You know I just can’t stop ‘Cuz you’re looking kind of sexy And whatever comes I will Chemical Reaction, I just can’t get my fill   When I see you walking down the street I see you talking to the...

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