Stereo Panned Musical Backgrounds for Performing or Recording

The services being offered are stereo panned musical backgrounds for recording or performance.  The music files, in any file format desired, are created thru Finale: the world-wide industry standard in music notation software.  All parts, including drums and percussion, are individually written with human elements incorporated.

For recording there are various options available.  Files can be obtained with the entire ensemble stereo panned minus the instruments or voices that are going to be added, as on the following audio examples.  This is a great option and time saver in recording, an 8 piece back up band can be recorded onto 2 channels already stereo panned within the time it takes to play the music file all the way thru once (especially helpful to you home do it yourselfers).  Individual instrument tracks are also available to those of you who would prefer them for a more complex recording process.  Your sound can be achieved without the endless problems of  rehearsing and scheduling live performers without the additional cost.

These music files can also be used for live performance.  It is recommended that a decent PA mixing board is paired with powered speakers for the best results.

The musical elements contained in the following recordings are examples of Robert’s creative genius and imagination. These elements can be molded and tailored to any musical need or style: performance, Folk, soundtracks for video or movies, Blues, soundtracks for recording, Rhythm & Blues, commercials, Standards, classical ballet, Jazz, modern dance, Country, musical theater, Rock, children’s songs, Latin, educational material or ANY musical need that you may have as a customer. If you have a use for it, it can be come up with. Please feel free to contact Robert to discuss what he can do for you.

Needless to say, all of these recordings are examples of Robert’s composing, conducting, arranging and producing skills.



Background Examples