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Lessons can be had either in person or via computer screen utilizing Skype. The student will be exposed to formal music training as well as having fun. The amount of serious approach will vary according to the student’s age and personal goals. Lessons are available in either 1/2 hour or 1 hour time frames and are productive only if they are paired with a consistent and ongoing practice schedule. It is absolutely necessary that young students have a high degree of parental supervision and involvement. Please contact Robert for availability and rates.

Robert has been teaching music since 1969 and has literally taught thousand’s of students. He began his study of music at the age of 8 years old and continued taking formal lessons until the age of 26. He has made music his life work and continues to grow technically and intuitively as he expands his wealth of knowledge.

Robert is a patient and loving teacher who makes the student and the expansion of the student’s musical knowledge and abilities the focus of each lesson. The student is taken from where he is at to his earned place in the musical tradition thru well thought out steps carefully laid out in a manner the individual student can absorb. No pace is too fast or too slow.

Over the years Robert’s youngest student was 3 and his oldest student 83. Their musical goals have ranged from being able to play a couple tunes to being a top notch professional. There is a careful balance between technical musical knowledge and just being able to play and function in some fashion musically. Robert’s students play in public, win school talent shows, record CD’s, go on in life to become professional musicians or just reap the emotional and spiritual benefits of having music as part of their every day life.