Original Composition

leaning-in-to-listen-mirror Commercials, theme songs, songs for recording or performance, musical theatre, modern dance or ballet, music for movies or videos, it doesn’t matter, whatever music you need to bring your project to conclusion can be provided at a reasonable rate. Please contact Robert for a free consultation session to discuss your parameters and requirements. Price quotes will be determined by the work involved.
Robert has been formally studying music since he was 8 years old and wrote his first tune when he was 17. Growing up as a child in the 1950’s he was exposed to the wonderful experience of the American music scene of the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. His family included one grandfather who was a professional musician in the 20’s and 30’s who had played in one of the Paul Whiteman Bands and another grandfather who was a self taught concertina player who hosted family Christmas parties playing the songs of eastern Europe accompanied by his daughters singing 4 part harmony.

leaning in to listenAs a teenager, composer Robert Abate learned how to play the Blues and lived thru the music revolution of the 60’s. Entering college in 1968 he was blessed with the opportunity of studying classical guitar with Joe Fava, a friend and protégé of Andre Segovia. As a young man he began an intense study of the American Jazz tradition in that wonderful Mecca of American Music: Detroit, Michigan. Robert’s musical background is a rich and varied global tapestry of traditional and contemporary styles and moods.