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Welcome to Robert Abate Music your convenient website for custom musical arrangements, commissioned original composition, song writing, stereo panned audio files for recording or performance, guitar or music theory lessons and Robert Abate performance/booking information.

Composer / Arranger

Original composition for any situation from the blues to musical theatre. Custom arrangements for any size ensemble or style.


Robert has performed, in various venues and ensembles, for well over 50 years.


Robert has a rich history of production ranging from recording to children’s Christmas shows to major works in national halls.


Instruction available to all ages in guitar, music theory, composition and arranging.

Robert Abate plays “Mary”

Robert Abate highlights his blues guitar skills and vocals playing the Jimmy Reed tune "Mary".  Reed's wife, Mary Lee “Mama” Reed, whom he had married in 1945, was usually present during his recording sessions. She wrote several of his songs and would whisper the...

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West Meets East

Please give my latest work a listen, it's a little over 8 minutes long, and like and post it. I'm getting the word out that I do this type of thing. Thank you. Robert Abate 231-421-1401

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Recently I was approached by Michigan poet Robb Astor to provide a musical background for his written in Tanzania poem "Green", here's what we came up with:   green, how green leaves of banana trees fields where crowned cranes danced fields how yellow dabs of...

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